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Camilo Ibrahim Issa

Professional Overview

About Camilo Ibrahim Issa

Based out of Venezuela, Camilo Ibrahim Issa is an experienced business professional with many years of experience across a myriad of industries. Born to be a businessman and entrepreneur, what he loves most about business is the creativity, innovation and dedication that must be applied in order to see success—not to mention the teamwork that goes into a successful project. 

As an accomplished professional, Camilo Issa feels he bears a responsibility to help budding entrepreneurs and business professionals come into their own. If he had to give one piece of advice, it would be to take risks without the fear of consequence. Oftentimes, young entrepreneurs are too afraid to fail, so they never end up taking any risks or getting out of their comfort zones. Failure, however, is the key to learning. 

As a citizen of Venezuela, Camilo is grateful to be part of a country full of like-minded professionals. Walking down the street, one can feel the hustle and determination in the air—each person you pass working hard to make their dreams come alive. When he’s not working, Camilo Ibrahim Issa can be found enjoying some of the fantastic restaurants and venues the town has to offer, especially restaurants and cafes right on the water. 

To learn more about Camilo and his insight into the professional world, be sure to check out his website.