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Business is facing a future of re-imagined labor. Automation continues its eternal growth, beginning to encompass areas of work that we hadn’t considered possible even 10 years ago. The greatest thinkers of the world are focused on the ways that our changing ideas of work and labor will require new and innovative methods to incorporate into our system – which itself might need changing.

To have well-informed opinions on the future of work, you should ensure that your information is coming from the right sources. The following books may not by the absolute best, but they can provide an excellent foundation in the topic that will allow you to better inform yourself of the future of business.

The New Division of Labor – Frank Levy and Richard J Murnane

fear of becoming obsolete is the number one concern when automation and technology are discussed. The distinction between what is automatable and what is not will often come down to what is ‘routine’ and ‘non-routine’ – according to this book. This argument is a little out-dated considering advance in modern technology and Artificial Intelligence, but many of the most modern considerations of automation stem from this thoughtful book.

The Race Between Education and Technology – Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F Katz

If you can’t tell from the title, education is the primary focus of this work. Goldin and Katz provide a vision of the future which is focused on ensuring educational opportunities match the advancements needed for employment and a labor force. They argue that technological advances are of no concern to workers and jobs as long as education stays up to date.

Essays in Persuasion – John Maynard Keynes

Keynes is among the most influential economists of the modern age, and he may have well been an oracle for how well his predictions have panned out. Here, he envisions a utopian future in which machines do most work and the general population lives easy lives. This has yet to come true, but it’s a popular consideration in the grand scheme of things, and why this prediction seems so far away is important to consider for the future of business.

When considering the future of business, there are innumerable topics that come together. Technology, economy, culture, politics, and more. The sheer number of works you will have to read up on to have a well-informed opinion is staggering, but not impossible. Reading just these works above will provide you with a foundation that will result in all of your closest business partners asking for your wisdom.